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14 June 2006
Prehistoric tombs discovered in central Italy

A series of ancient tombs have been discovered in Italy's mountainous Abruzzo region. Some of the tombs have been dated to the Second Century BCE, when Rome was still trying to subdue the warlike peoples that lived in the region. Others date as far back as the 8th century BCE. A particularly interesting find was a 2nd-Century BCE chamber tomb containing terracotta ware, jewelry and a dagger.
     "It's fascinating to see how these people used to leave the dead with the objects they used in life: lances and swords for warriors and weaving and household tools for the women," said Abruzzo culture chief Elisabetta Mura. Abruzzo archaeological official Vincenzo D'Ercole said the new tombs had been located thanks to aerial photographs provided by the Italian Air Force. "We've known about the tomb site for some time. It's huge - some 2,000 square metres. So we asked the Air Force to give us a hand in spotting tombs".

Source: ANSA (7 June 2006)

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