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14 June 2006
Dental work in Mexico dates back 4,500 years

Researchers report that they found a 4,500-year-old burial in Mexico that had the oldest known example of dental work in the Americas. The upper front teeth of the remains had been ground down so they could be mounted with animal teeth, possibly wolf or panther teeth, for ceremonial purposes, according to researchers led by Tricia Gabany-Guerrero of the University of Connecticut. "It's like he was using the mouth of some other animal in his mouth," explained James Chatters, an archaeologist and paleontologist with AMEC Earth and Environmental Inc. in Seattle and a member of the research team. Such modifications, typically using beasts of prey, became more common centuries later in the Maya culture, Chatters said, but this is the earliest example that has been found.
     The individual, age 28 to 32, would not have been able to bite with his front teeth but appears to have been well-fed nonetheless, Chatters said. The body indicated he didn't do hard work, perhaps having been an important person in society. Found in the Michoacan area, the body had been placed on a large rock with another rock on top of it, Chatters said. "The teeth were filed down so much that their pulp cavities were exposed, leading to an infection," Gabany-Guerrero said in a statement.
     The researchers said they found rock art and symbols related to other ancient cultures in the region, including calendar symbols. In addition to the teeth, they found pieces of skull and bones from his hands, legs and feet. There was no indication of physical debility and he did not suffer from ailments such as arthritis. The cause of death was not clear but the researchers said there had been active infections in two teeth.

Sources: Associated Press, azcentral.com, The Advocate (14 June 2006)

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