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24 June 2006
Seminole to get a glance at last 12,000 years in the area

Mac Perry, author and archaeologist, says Paleo Indians roamed the Seminole area (Florida, USA) 12,000 years ago hunting for huge mastodons and giant ground sloths. Archaic Indians wove plant fiber into cloth and threw spears at small animals 9,000 years ago. More than 20 temple mound towns sprung up in Pinellas County 1,000 years ago.  Perry added that six things drastically changed the lifestyle of Indians 500 years ago. Find out what those changes were and more about ancient Indian cultures as Perry talks with the Seminole Historical Society. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, 7 p.m., at the Seminole Community Library. It is free and open to the public.
     Perry's talk, The Past 12,000 Years in Seminole, will describe the seven cultures of pre-historic people who lived in the area. He also will show artifacts. With much construction in Seminole, Nancy Barlow, vice president for the society, said, “Few of us have any clue about the civilizations that lived here thousands of years ago.”

Source: Seminole Beacon (21 June 2006)

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