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1 July 2006
English quarry yields Iron Age relics

Archaeologists have found scores of Iron Age and Roman relics on a site in Northamptonshire (England) which is soon to be quarried. Pottery, animal bone, flint tools and evidence of iron works have been found at Priors Hall, near Weldon, where landowner is aiming to set up a limestone quarry.
     Many of the artefacts are believed to be related to a Roman settlement, which was discovered on another part of the site in the 1950s. But archaeologists believe some of the materials could date back to the start of the Iron Age, which ran from 700 BCE to 43 CE.
     Rachael Hall is leading the archaeological dig, which is due to last another 11 weeks. She said: "We have been finding bits of flint all over the site. "It looks like there's activity dating back to the prehistoric period. But it's too early to give exact dates."
     The finds will be kept safe by the developer until a decision is taken on whether to store or display them.

Source: Wellinborough News (24 June 2006)

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