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1 July 2006
Cash to build Iron Age roundhouse

A grant of nearly 28,000 has been awarded to a Wiltshire nature reserve to build an Iron Age roundhouse. The project, at Barbury Castle near Swindon (England), is part of a 'living history' experience for visitors. The roundhouse will give people an insight into the Iron Age period and provide a habitat for wildlife.
     Construction work has begun and volunteers are invited to help and also learn about archaeological theory on roundhouse design. Throughout the building work, which is due to be completed by the end of July, there will be a series of walks and talks for families, schools and colleges to find out more about the project. The ancient site has been designated as a country park since 1971 and is managed by Swindon Borough Council's ranger team.

Source: BBC News (25 June 2006)

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