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1 July 2006
Stonehenge visitor plan supported

English Heritage plans for a new Stonehenge visitor centre are being recommended for approval. Salisbury District Council had refused the original plans amid fears a train to ferry visitors to the site would damage the environment. There were also concerns about whether the nearby A303 road would be upgraded. The plans have been resubmitted following an appeal and a final decision on the centre will be made by the council on 10 July.
     Planning officials have advised the council they can make approval of the visitor centre conditional on improvements to the A303 going ahead. A consultation period is now complete and the plans will go before a special meeting of the council for comment on 4 July before another meeting is held for a final decision six days later. At both meetings - to be held at 1630 BST at Amesbury Sports Centre - time will be set aside for the public to have their say.
     When it received the original planning application in September 2004, more than 1,000 comments were received from members of the public. Since the application was resubmitted in April a further 77 comments have been received. All comments received since 2004, along with the views of statutory consultees, will feature in a report going to both committees. When the planning and regulatory committee has made its decision, the government can choose to refer the decision to a public inquiry.

Source: BBC News (26 June 2006)

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