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1 July 2006
5000-year-old settlement areas found in Bolaghi Gorge

The third season of archeological excavations in an Achaemenid village in Bolaghi Gorge (Iran) led to discovery of six residential areas belonging to the pre-historic to the late post-Achaemenid periods.
     "Three seasons of archeological excavations in area no. 76 of Bolaghi Gorge show that settlement of people in this area goes back to some 5000 years ago and prior to the Achaemenid period (648-330 BCE). Among the six settlement periods found in the area, one of them dates back to the pre-historic period, one to the Achaemenid era, and the rest belong to post-Achaemenid era," said Alireza Asghari, Iranian head of Iran-Italy joint team in area no. 76 of Bolaghi Gorge.
     According to Asgari, discovery of a piece of stone which might have been used as the base of wooden pillars was one of the most important achievements during these three seasons of archeological excavations in area no. 76. "Two stone beads, a spinning wheel, a marble bowl, and some arrow-heads belonging to the Achaemenids and Seleucids (330 BCE–150 BCE) are the other discoveries in area no. 76 of Bolaghi Gorge," added Asgari.
     Archeological excavations started in Bolaghi Gorge when it was announced that the inundation of the newly constructed Sivand Dam would pose a real threat to this historic site and all the archeological evidence it has buried in itself for centuries. The salvation project in Bolaghi Gorge started with the engagement of eight international and a number of Iranian teams more than a year ago and continues to this day. Area no. 76 will be among the first areas which will be submerged in water with the initial phase of Sivand Dam inundation.

Source: CHN (28 June 2006)

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