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16 July 2006
Bronze Age activities at Archaeolink

Hands-on history will be on offer to visitors at Aberdeenshire's (Scotland) prehistory park throughout next week as part of National Archaeology Week. "We will be offering the opportunity to try out ancient crafts, and get a real feel for history," said Jason Hunt, head of interpretation at the Archaeolink centre at Oyne. Costumed guides and ancient crafts experts will launch a week of activities focussing on the Bronze Age.
     Archaeolink's recreated ancient huts and artifacts will provide the atmospheric backdrop to everything from sessions in pottery making to metal craft, using early techniques. Visitors will be able to watch demonstrations and also try their skills in creating everything from beakers to jewellery. "The highlight of the week will come next weekend when a group of volunteers will be joining workshops from 10am to 5pm in making bronze cutting axes," said Jason. The teams will be smelting the bronze at a replica Bronze Age smith on the hillside site, then moulding and tempering axe heads to authentic patterns. Visitors will be able to watch the entire process, from casting the molten metal through to the cold forging and annealing process.

Source: The Press and Journal (14 July 2006)

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