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22 July 2006
Ancient metal relics recovered in Iran

The police department of Jiroft (Iran) succeeded in confiscating 41 metal relics belonging to the prehistoric and historic periods. The most ancient one is a Riton (a kind of goblet with the head of an animal) belonging to the third millennium BCE.
     According to Nader Soleimani, archeologist from the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department of Kerman province, a bronze dagger belonging to the first millennium BCE with the design of an animal like crocodile is one of the other interesting relics in this collection. "The designs which can be seen on this dagger depict something like the crocodiles which still exist in south of Chabahar Port in Iran's Sistan va Baluchestan province," added Soleimani. A bronze axe and a copper plaque engraved with a humped cow, an ibex and palm tree are the other discovered relics. "Such designs had already been seen in other parts of Jiroft on artifacts made with soapstone," said Soleimani.
     Soleimani also announced the existence of a small bronze vessel belonging to the third millennium BCE with some geometrical designs, and also 24 antique coins in this newly discovered collection.
     Lack of enough control over Jiroft historical site and unawareness of the public about its importance turned Jiroft into a paradise for illegal diggers, plundering a large number of ancient relics in this site. Up until now, some 4000 historical relics which had been unearthed during illegal excavations in Jiroft have been identified and confiscated by the police department.

Source: Persian Journal (19 July 2006)

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