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22 July 2006
Brownslade Barrow's secrets revealed

Archaeologists will take advantage of a summer lull in firing at the MOD's Castlemartin Range this August, to spend time unravelling the mysteries of Brownslade Barrow. The site, situated on part of the Castlemartin Army Training Estate, was first excavated over a century ago. It is believed to originate from 2300-650 BCE.
     Brownslade Barrow is one of Pembrokeshire’s (England) most interesting and important historical sites; it has evidence of multiple use and the quality of remains found there during recent excavations are much better preserved than at other sites in the county. "It was partially excavated in the 1880s and is believed to have prehistoric Bronze Age origins," said Polly Groom, the National Park Authority’s Archaeologist "Evidence was found of later re-use, with burials presumed to date from the early Medieval period. Two very recent trial investigations on site revealed over 100 pieces of human bone, from at least six individuals. Radiocarbon dates put them within the early Medieval period (5th - 11th centuries CE). The remains may occupy a time span of up to 500 years. The site is really unusual in having good preservation; mostly in Pembrokeshire the soils are so acidic that the preservation of remains is very poor. This makes Brownslade even more important and interesting," she added.
     The site is currently being damaged by badger burrowing, so this summer’s excavations will allow information to be retrieved before it is destroyed completely. The Ministry of Defence is funding the four-week long dig which is co-ordinated by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Cambria Archaeology. Information, pictures and updates will be posted online in a regular ‘dig-diary’ throughout the summer - visible on www.cambria.org.uk.

Source: Pembrokeshiretv.com (21 July 2006)

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