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28 July 2006
Iron Age settlement found in Exeter

Details of the archaeological discoveries made at the construction site for a new Exeter (England) school have been unveiled. The excavation, which took place last summer, was on the proposed playing field for Clyst Heath Nursery and Community Primary School. The bottoms of ditches and pits indicated the presence of an Iron Age settlement.
     Traces of four circular-based homes were found and fragments of jars and pottery were exposed in the remains of the settlement which is up to 2,500 years old. The jars, some of which have been partly pieced together, are thought to date within the last three centuries BCE, a latter period of the Iron Age. Archaeologist Jo Frost said: "The pieces found were some of the best examples of South West-decorated pottery in Exeter so far."

Source: This is Exeter, Express & Eho (24 July 2006)

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