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6 August 2006
Bronze Age family relish chance to 'rough it'

A German family are set to move into the Bronze Age for 10 days as part of a museum exhibition. The Borngraeber family, from Goeppingen, will wear the same clothes, prepare and eat the same food and live in the same huts as people did 3,000 years ago.
     Margret, 47, and Otto Borngraeber, 46, and their children Anna, 15, and Stefan, 13, have spent almost two years preparing for the project. The idea is to conduct scientific research about how people lived in the Bronze Age, as well as to boost interest among museum visitors. Mother Margret, a teacher, said: "It's all so exciting; we will be left entirely on our own, to fend for ourselves using only replicas of 3 000-year-old tools."
     The Bad Buchau museum director, Ralf Baumeister, added: "People get bored looking at exhibitions of empty huts and artefacts hidden behind glass. We hope to establish an emotional connection to the Bronze Age and in that way bring archaeology closer to the people."

Sources: Iol.co.za (3 August 2006)

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