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12 August 2006
Iron Age village unearthed in Ireland

A significant archaeological find has been unearthed in the village of Two-Mile-Borris (co. Tipperary, Ireland). The find centres around the site of the original ancient village settlement of Two-Mile-Borris close to the present day village at the rear of the existing Black Castle and near the adjacent river on land owned by local man. The find is thought to similar to what was discovered in Lough Gur in Co. Limerick and dates back to the Iron Age.
     Initial excavations on the site confirm the presence of a large dome type structure, which may have housed a chieftain and surrounding huts which would have housed members of his family. An ancient water irrigation system is also thought to have been employed by the occupants of the 2,500 year old settlement and archaeologists have indicated that there is evidence of this on site.
     Evidence of a cremation area and graves has also been unearthed and archaeologists have also confirmed the location of  fulachta fia (ancient cooking pits). The presence of this pit, which consists of a large, wood-lined pit, often with remains of surrounding structures such as stone enclosures or even small buildings, and sometimes multiple hearths and additional, smaller pits, confirms the settlement of a number of people in the area. Fulachta Fia are almost always found near running water, or in marshy areas where a hole dug into the ground would quickly fill with water.
     Archaeologists unearthed the settlement in the course of their work on Thurles link road as part of the N8 Cullohill to Cashel motorway project. Work is expected to continue over the coming months on the unearthed settlement.

Source: Tipperary Star News (10 August 2006)

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