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19 August 2006
Archaeologist disputes ancient village claim

Claims that an ancient village settlement has been uncovered in Two-Mile-Borris (Co. Tipperary, Ireland) - and that we reported last 12 August - have been discounted by an archaeologist. Deputy Michael Lowry said the settlement dated back the Iron Age and was of major significance to the area - but the archaeologist has rubbished the claim. "This gives us a huge insight into settlement in the area two and a half thousand years ago," said Mr Lowry, who visited the site last week. His claims have been backed up by Pierce Duggan, owner of the land were the site is located. "This is very similar to the settlement found at Lough Gur in Limerick, but maybe not as old," said Deputy Lowry.
     But the assistant project archaeologist Mairead McLaughlin dismissed the claims: "There is nothing to it at all. It's very mundane and of little significance. People are completely and utterly getting carried away with themselves. All we found was a lime kiln and some furrows from ploughing. There's also a field boundary. It's pretty average and run-of-the-mill."
     The site was unearthed by a team of archaeologists doing preparatory work for the construction of the Cashel to Cullahill stretch of the new N8 motorway, due to start next year.
     Pierce Duggan says the settlement could have been built between 500 and 700 BCE. Other discoveries said to be found were an ancient irrigation system, cremation graves and open cooking site. The site is located on a wetland area very close to the Black River, a tributary of the Suir.
     "The pre-Christian settlement was found when the archaeologists went to investigate an old lime kiln that is believed to have been in the area since the Middle Ages. What they then discovered around the kiln was this much more significant settlement which could be up to 2,000 older," said Pierce Duggan. Mr Lowry accused the NRA of playing down the significance of the site. The TD said the settlement was located on the proposed new N75 linking Thurles to the new motorway, but, following talks with the NRA, he believed the find would not necessarily delay construction of the route.

Source: The Guardian - Nenagh (19 August 2006)

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