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25 August 2006
TimeWatch urges the UK Government to protect henges

Timewatch campaign group have appealed to the UK Government to ensure the protection of the Thornborough henge complex. Quarry company Tarmac Northern, part of global aggregates concern Anglo American, has appealed to the UK government after their latest application to quarry the landscape near the Thornborouh henges was rightfully rejected by North Yorkshire County Council. As a result of Tarmac Northern's appeal to the Secretary of State, the Planning Inspectorate is holding an enquiry into the matter.
     Any comment can make a big difference to help save the henges' setting and it is possible to submit them up to the 6th September 2006 on their website. As Timewatch campaign leader George Chaplin says, "The evidence provided by the Council Officers failed to adequately consider the true extent of the setting of the monuments on Ladybridge and also the wider setting of the 'super' monuments on Thornborough Moor. Now is the time to impress on the planning system the importance of recognising this aspect for such a large and important site; one that comprises a great variety of monuments scattered over several square miles."

Source: Timewatch (16 August 2006), Heritage Action Journal (22 August 2006)

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