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25 August 2006
Another cash boost for Seahenge

The archaeological unit working on the Seahenge discovery is to receive a cash boost from a good causes fund. Flag Fen at Peterborough is to receive 10,000 from the Peter Boizot Foundation, set up in 1996. The unit is aiming to build a 500,000 archaeological resource centre at the Flag Fen bronze age site. They are working on the preservation of Seahenge, a 4,000-year-old circle discovered at Holme-next-the-Sea, near Hunstanton, in Norfolk (England), in 1998.
     Peter Boizot, a businessman from the city and former Peterborough football club chairman, gave the money to help fund the construction of a purpose-built archaeological facility for the Fens and East Anglian coastal area. Fundraising officer for Flag Fen, Sharon Shortland, said: "The new centre will enable archaeologists to analyse material excavated at the Flag Fen site as well as bring in discoveries from elsewhere in the region. The new facilities will also be used to host workshops and training sessions."

Source: BBC News (24 August 2006)

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