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2 September 2006
Jurab Tepe dated to 5000 BCE

The first season of stratigraphy works in Jurab Tepe in Hamadan province (Iran) led to discovery of some earthenware belonging to 5000 BCE which shows that the age of Jurab Tepe must have dated back to 7000 years ago.  "While previous to this it was believed that the history of Jurab Tepe goes back to the fourth millennium BCE up to the Ilkhanid era (1256-1353 CE), the recent discoveries including the 7000-year-old clays show that most probably Jurab Tepe dates back to 5000 BCE," said Ali Khaksar, head of excavation team in Jurab Tepe historical hill.
     The first season of sounding works in Jurab historical hill will run to the end of summer. In addition to undertake stratigraphy works in order to determine different archeological layers of this historical site, the other aim of the Archeological Research Center of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran is to clarify the vicinity of this historical hill which has been surrounded by residential houses. "Currently the sounding works have been completed in northern and eastern parts of the hill and the stratigraphy works of other parts will be also finished by the end of summer," added Khaksar.

Source: Persian Journal (26 August 2006)

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