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16 September 2006
British stone circle revealed by drought

Enthusiastic stone circle hunters witnessed a rare spectacle this summer as resevoir water levels fell in the drought. A rarely seen stone circle emerged from the depths of Walshaw Dean Reservoir, just north of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire (England) this summer. It is only the second recorded sighting since the valley was flooded over a century ago. At least seven stones are visible of the ten that were photographed in 1902 - shortly before the building of a series of three dams providing water to West Yorkshire.
     Very little is known about Walshaw Dean Stone Circle, the site was officially discovered by one of the water engineers, Mr W. Patterson, in July 1902, who described it as "A circle consisting of ten upright stones of irregular shape varying in size." (Bennett 2001). Heritage Action will be contacting the county archaeologist to register the circle as it is not a scheduled ancient monument.

Source: Heritage Action Journal (9 September 2006)

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