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16 September 2006
Dig set to uncover Teesside's Iron Age past

Archaeologists are hoping to uncover more Iron Age artefacts during a dig at a Teesside farm (England). The dig will be the fifth at Foxrush Farm in Redcar and previous excavations have found an Iron Age roundhouse. The latest excavation gets under way on 19 September and an appeal for volunteers has been launched. The dig is being organised by Redcar and Cleveland Council, Teesside Archaeology and the Teesside Archaeological Society.
     The archaeological site at the farm was discovered by aerial photography in 1990. The photographs showed the ditch of a rectangular enclosure, typical of those surrounding Iron Age farms and also three crop circles. In 1995 a geophysical survey was carried out which found evidence of a number of pits, suggesting that there may have been industrial activity at the site.

Source: BBC News (13 September 2006)

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