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8 October 2006
4,000-year-old hand mills unearthed in Turkey

This year's excavations in Kayseri's Kültepe district (Turkey), conducted annually for the last 59 years, uncovered a couple of small, 4,000-year-old hand mills. Archaeologist and head of the excavation team Fikri Kulakoğlu said the people in the area used to have handmills in their houses to produce flour. He said they discovered some vase-shaped storage pots with taps as well as several millstones, adding, "However, we unearthed a couple of fully intact mills in the ancient houses for the fist time in this year's dig."
     Noting that the discovery of the mills had attracted interest in the area, he said: "This year we found a couple of small, intact mills with two millstones and two tapped vase-shaped storage vessels dating back to 2000 BCE. It is really quite satisfying to find the mills in a whole condition. People once made their own flour and bread at home using these implements. We tested it by making flour and found it is both simple and healthy."
     He also said the excavations scheduled for this year had been successfully completed and that they had turned the 219 artifacts they had uncovered over to the Kayseri Archaeology Museum.

Source: Turkish Daily News (2 October 2006)

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