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19 October 2006
Symposium on Monument Preservation in Europe

On the occasion of the Leipzig Monument Fair (October 25 - 28, 2006), a symposium devoted to "Monument Preservation in Europe. Current trends in dealing with our historical Heritage" will be held. Representatives from eight European countries will give an update on focal points of interest and cuuent specialist assignments, as well on current trends in dealing with the historical heritage in their respective country.
     At the suggestion of English Heritage a discussion group entitled European Heritage Heads Forum (EHHF), made up of the heads of the European monument authorities was set up at the end of April 2006 in order to improve collaboration with regard to monument preservation. It aims to promote the exchange of information with regard to all areas of monument preservation, to support and,expand existing networks and investigate the economic and social impact of  investments in monument presentation measures.
     The congress in Leipzig is the first public event to be held on the instigation of the European Heritage Beads Forum and sees itself as a platform for an exchange of. information about "examples of best practice" and experience in dealing with cultural heritage. The congress is being organized jointly by the National Monument Preservation Association and the German National Committee for monument Protection. Participation is free of charge. The conference will be held in German and English.
     For information: Contact: Dr. Katrin Bek e-mail: K.Bek@denkmalpflege-hessen.de Further information about the Leipzig Monument Fair: www.denkmal-Ieipzig.de
Source: BritArch mailing list (2 October 2006)

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