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29 October 2006
Europe's oldest child skeleton unearthed in Bulgaria

Archaeologists have unearthed an 8,000 year old skeleton of a child in the village of Ohoden, northwestern Bulgaria. Archaeologist Georgi Ganetsovski, the leader of the excavation, said the finding had been made at the southern end of a pre-historical funeral facility in a pre-historical village, which was found just two metres below the current ground level and was completely preserved in its original form. Archaeologists at the site had also discovered a whole skeleto nof a woman a year ago, which dated from 8100 BCE and was one of the most ancient in Europe, Ganetsovski added. 
     The 8,000 year old child skeleton was supposed to be the most ancient one in Europe that had been found intact although the remains were partly damaged, said the archeologist. It is believed that the inhabitants of the prehistoric village had been the first in the Balkans to discover pottery and build thermo-insulated homes, he added.

Source: China View (26 October 2006)

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