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5 November 2006
Archaeologists sweep British site for relics

Archaeologists have moved onto fields which could, in years to come, house the hundreds of homes proposed for the controversial Felpham and North Bersted Site Six site near Bognor in West Sussex (England). The first of more than 300 sample trenches across the whole site and link road, in excess of 60 hectares or almost 150 acres, is part of investigations into the ancient significance of the land.
     Undertaken by developers Hallam Land Management the extensive results will be evaluated by archaeologists from CGMS which is managing the dig. Speaking for the company Rob Bourn told the Bognor Regis Observer that it was 'early days' to come to any conclusions about the land which could show some use during a generalised period of around 3,500 years between 2000 BCE and 7000 BCE. "We have discovered some pits and post holes, which could be remains of buildings or fences and show some sort of Bronze Age or Roman field systems. Overall we expect to find relatively similar results on the North Bersted site with remains of Bronze Age settlement." Mr Bourn said that the exploration began several weeks ago and was expected to continue until around Christmas when all the trenches would be back-filled.

Source: Chichester Observer (1 November 2006)

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