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5 November 2006
Isfahan's prehistoric civilization to be studied

During the previous excavations in Kopandeh Tepe in Isfahan (Iran), archeologists succeeded in identifying a 6000-year-old civilization near Gav-e Khooni swamp. So far, archeological excavations near Zayandeh Rud River in the city of Isfahan resulted in the discovery of some earthen architectural remains and residential settlements as well as three skeletons which were buried in residential dwellings. Now archeologists are determined to resume their excavations in this historical site to find more about this ancient civilization.
     The basin of Zayandeh Rud river is known as one of the most important human settlements. Archeological evidence indicates that settlement in this area is most likely dated back to 6000 years ago. Archeologists believe that this historical site must have been in relation with Jiroft and the Burnt City and most probably it was once Isfahan's satellite residential settlements.
     According to Fariba Saeedi, head of archeology team in Kopandeh hill in Isfahan, last month a team of Italian archeologists came to Isfahan to study the clays of Isfahan's Jame mosque. "Their work was finished last week; however, they will come back two weeks later to resume excavations in Kopandeh Tepe to unveil more secrets behind the pre-historic civilization of Isfahan," said Saeedi.
     Due to security reasons, the archeology team has not yet announced the exact location of Kopandeh Tepe to prevent possible plundering of the site by illegal diggers. Saeedi also believes that since very little excavation has been carried out in Kopandeh Tepe, there are still many questions left unanswered about this mysterious civilization.
Source: Payvand (3 November 2006)

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