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31 December 2006
4000 year old rice found in China

20 grains of rice, more than 4,000 years old, have been found at Gu Ye Bei Qiu ruins in Guangdong province, south China. This and other finds are shedding light on the behavior of human beings and their environment.
     The Gu Ye Bei Qiu site was discovered in Guangdong's Foshan area, in 1986. But it hadn't been further explored until September this year, because of highway construction.This week a team of archeologists, including the honorary president of Guangzhou Museum, inspected the site. They say it is important to understanding the late Neolithic period.
     The site is of great significance in telling relationships between people west, north and east of the Zhujiang river. It will complement previous finds in the area. The entire site spans an area as large as a football field, with just one-quarter under excavation thus far. Unearthed objects include pottery, animal remains and plant fossils. The grains of rice will help reveal the origins of agriculture in the area. Guangdong's Archeological Research Institute will apply the find for the "Top Ten Discoveries in China, 2006".

Source: CCTV.com (29 December 2006)

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