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6 January 2007
Iron Age relics unearthed in Gilan

Archeological excavations at the ancient Jamshid-Abad Tepe, northern Iran, resulted in the discovery of a number of graves and artifacts dated to the Iron Age. The discovered artifacts include bronze and earthenware objects. Archeological evidence points to a history that goes back to the first millennium BCE at this ancient mound; and some archeologists believe it was a cemetery during the Iron Age. The new discovery was made after archeologists crated ten trenches in various points on the hill. Bronze daggers, ornamentations, and a number of potteries dated to the first millennium BCE were among some of the discovered artifacts at Jamshid-Abad Tepe.
According to team director Yousef Falahian, excavations began in this Iron Age hill last month with the aim of studying its historic remains and marking its historic boundaries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency (1 January 2007)

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