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6 January 2007
East Anglian Prehistory conference

The Council for British Archaeology is organizing 'East Anglian Prehistory - Some Recent Research', a conference in memory of John Wymer. If you are interested in attending then please book early as it looks that this event will be over-subscribed.
     The conference will be held at the University of East Anglia (Lecture Theatre One) on Saturday March 31st 2007. Among the speakers are Nick Ashton (The Hoxnian and Hoxne), Peter Robins (Long Blade industry, beach finds), Julie Gardiner (Mesolithic in East Anglia - with Wymerian associations?), Francis Healy (Neolithic/Bronze Age), Gill Varndell (Grimes Graves?), Andrew Lawson (Wessex-style burials in East Anglia with particular reference to Little Cressingham), Trevor Ashwin (Archaeology of the Norwich By-Pass) and Andrew Rogerson (John in the Norfolk Unit).
     The event is supported by Quaternary Research Association, The Prehistoric Society, Lithic Studies Society, Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History. Price: members of the Council for British Archaeology or supporting organisation. £20.00; non-members £25.00. Further information on this conference can be found at www.heritagemp.com/johnwymerconference.asp

Source: BritArch mailing list (5 January 2007)

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