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15 January 2007
Ancient Irish site on a new documentary series

One of Europe's biggest neolithic dolmens is among the hidden treasures uncovered in a new documentary series. Hidden Heritage is one of two series about Ireland's environment, sponsored jointly by both governments. Hidden Heritage investigates the hidden archaeological treasures in the less explored border regions of Fermanagh, Newry and Mourne, Armagh, Louth, Cavan and Monaghan.
     The series also focuses on the hidden treasures that are rarely visited, such as Clontygora burial chamber and Goward dolmen, a huge standing stone with mythological associations with Finn McCool. "As you drive from Castlewellan to Newry, there's a sign to the Goward dolmen. Nobody ever turns off the road to look at it, but at that site is probably one of the most impressive neolithic dolmens in western Europe," Environmental presenter Brian Black said. "We went for the lesser known sites and in doing so we tracked our roots back to the time of the early settlers who pre-dated the Pyramids.
     The four-part Hidden Heritage airs at 7.30pm every Tuesday from January 9, 2007.

Source: Belfast Telegraph (4 January 2007)

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