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4 February 2007
Archaeological site partially destroyed in New Mexico

Crews working on a waterline for a new high school on Albuquerque's west side (New Mexico, USA) have destroyed part of an archaeological site. A University of New Mexico archaeologist, Bruce Huckell, says the site is possibly up to ten-thousand-900 years old. He says the site was the first proof the presence of the Folsom culture in the Albuquerque basin.
     Pieces of tools, teeth and bone fragments have been found at the site, which was discovered by Huckell eight years ago. He says Albuquerque's public school district realized part of the site was damaged in August when the waterline work started. Huckell says the district had carefully located the school around the site. But he says the district didn't think about the location of the utilities for the school.

Sources: Associated Press, KFDA NewsChannel 10 (30 January 2007)

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