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4 February 2007
Ancient footprints found on Welsh beach

A beachcomber claims he has found ancient human footprints dating back 8,000 years, embedded in an ancient Welsh peat bed. Steve Maitland Thomas was walking on Kenfig Beach, Porthcawl, with his friend John Blundell, when they found a number of ancient size-eight footprints.
     He said, "We found the first on January 19, the day after storms had whipped up the sand revealing the bedrock below. The peat beds were formed from the floor of a vast forest, which once stretched right across the valley which now forms the Bristol Channel, until sea levels rose approximately 8,000 years ago." The next day they found about 10 more footprints, going in both directions, along with smaller ones that could have been made by a child.
     "The prints are deeply impressed into the surface, which illustrates their antiquity as the peat beds are now almost rock-hard, having been under tons of sand for the last 6,000 years. They have only recently been revealed and will be covered with sand again - hopefully - within the next month or so."

Source: icWales (2 February 2007)

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