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19 February 2007
Bronze Age study on both sides of the Channel

East Sussex County Council (England) has joined up with French heritage chiefs to teach children on both sides of the Channel about the Bronze Age. Twenty five volunteers are being recruited to build life size recreations of housing from the period as part of a new project called 'Common Roots of European Culture'.
     The two-year project, which is part-financed by the European Union, will give about 400 school children from East Sussex the chance to learn about that famous period in history by visiting the buildings at Bentley and Michelham Priory, near Hailsham. It is being run - on this side of the Channel - by East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership (ESAMP), which the County Council set up with Sussex Archaeology Society in 1984.
     As part of the same project, Asnapio, a northern French heritage organisation, based in Lille, will be running a range of public events over the Channel, as well as educational sessions for schools and reconstructions of ancient buildings. In the first initiative, Asnapio is inviting Sussex families to visit its archaeological park in France on Sunday April 15, when the organisation is launching its new season.

Source: Lewes Today (13 February 2007)

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