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4 March 2007
Earliest horse figures of Anatolia

Horse figures painted on rock formations in Eski?ehir are the oldest in Anatolia (Turkey), according to new archaeological research. The research revealed that the first known horse figures date back to 6,000 BCE and that the area was settled in the early Neolithic period. The excavation and studies of Anatolia in Eskişehir's Sivrihisar district were conducted jointly by Eskişehir-based Anadolu University and the Eskişehir Archaeology Museum.
     Ali Umut Türkcan of Anadolu University said rock paintings featuring horse figures were found by two amateur photographers in 2002, adding, "The rock paintings were interesting because they contained 20 horse figures and a figure resembling a human showing his hands before the horses." Türkcan said the figures were later made clear using the computer program Photoshop and that it was the first time this technique was applied for such work. "The rock paintings are really significant because they are the first horse figures found in Anatolia. Horse figures have an important place for this region, which used to be an area where horses were raised. In addition to the rock paintings with horse figures, early Neolithic period ceramics and flints were discovered in the region, suggesting that the area was also used for settlement," he noted.

Source: Turkish Daily News (27 February 2007)

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