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10 March 2007
Kuwaiti archaeologists unearth Bronze Age finds

Kuwaiti archaeologists wrapped up a successful excavation season in Sabiyah with new winds, skeletal remains, pieces of pottery and beads dating back to the Bronze Age, Sultan Duwaish, Superintending at the Museum and Antiquities Department informed the press. The important archaeological site yielded several burial mounds late last year and archaeologists from the Gulf also found skeletal remains in some of the burial pits. It may recalled that the burial bits found in Sabiyah are similar in structure to those found in other Gulf countries including, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.
     Sultan observed that the past few days had proved very fruitful to archaeologists as they made numerous discoveries and were able to map the entire site. Archaeological dig at the site began early February and since then archaeologists found a number of burial mounds, jewelry, beads and skeletal remains. Archaeologists from GCC countries are expected to work together with their Kuwaiti counterparts late November in Sabiyah.
     Sultan said some of the burial mounds dating back to the Bronze Age had been restored and cleaned up and will be re-excavated during future excavations. The newly-found artifacts will be polished and later put on display at the Kuwait National Museum. "We re-excavated a number of burial mounds that were discovered last year and we found shards of pottery and beads in four of those pits. Most of the recent finds were discovered to the south of the site and came mainly from five burial mounds that were not excavated previously. We have been able to bring the curtain down on the excavation in a timely fashion. The finds this season together with the artifacts found in the past will help us to shed more light on the lifestyle of the people who lived during the Bronze Age."

Arab Times (10 March 2007)

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