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25 March 2007
Fundraising for archaeological report on Tara / M3

TaraWatch group started a fundraising towards the cost of generating a professional archaeological assessment of the M3 motorway at the Hill of Tara (Ireland). TaraWatch has opened a PayPal account for the sole purpose of raising money to pay for an archaeological consultancy company to assess the 38 sites being excavated between Navan and Dunshaughlin and generate a report. This report wil be used for complaints to the European Union, World Monuments Fund, and other bodies. This is considered an emergency situation, and time is of the essence, as this may be the last realistic hope for saving Tara from the M3 motorway.
     TaraWatch will contract with a company abroad like Oxford Archaeology to do the work, as it is common knowledge that Irish-based firms will not do it, because of their dependence on the National Roads Authority for contracts.
     You can find the donation page at http://tarawatch.org/?p=342
Source: TaraWatch (18 March 2007)

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