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25 March 2007
Living in an age of stone

The Rhind Lectures for 2007, organized by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and the National Museum of Scotland, will be held in Edinburgh from 27th to 29th April. The event is free and open to all - no ticket required.
     This series of Rhind lectures will examine how people lived with stone during the Neolithic in Ireland and Britain, how they engaged with this remarkable material in all its diversity, using it to make new worlds, to establish, maintain and change cultural relationships and connections across geographical space and through time.
     Material and case studies from stone-using societies in different parts of the world will be drawn on to provide a wider context for the discussion. It will be suggested that looking at the processes of the working of stone, the creation of things, big and small, and their uses provides us with a way of linking objects and monuments which we often tend to see as unrelated phenomena with very different senses of scale and purpose. Focusing on the way in which people engaged and worked with stone provides a new perspective and insight into cultural knowledge during the Neolithic in Ireland and Britain.
     For more information, contact info@socantscot.org.

Source: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (21 March 2007)

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