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30 March 2007
Neolithic settlement unearthed in Greece

A settlement dating back to the Neolithic period has been uncovered during an archaeological dig in the Ptolemais plain (Greece), in an area situated at an altitude of 700 metres, between Mts. Vermio and Askio and called Yellow Lake - due to the marsh that had developed there and was dried up in the middle of the 20th century).
     The new finds were presented at a special event at the Archaeological Museum in Aiani, Kozani, where the older finds from the region are housed and on display. It is believed to be the one of the oldest settlement in the Balkans, following a settlement discovered in Nikomideia, Imathia prefecture.
     A dense dwelling complex has been discovered, with 31 distinct positions confirmed. Digging has been conducted in the region for approximately 20 years, and extends over tens of stremma, but are hampered by the fact that many of the positions are inside the Public Power Corporation's (PPC) expanse of lignite mines development. The digs are being funded by the PPC, as required under legislation concerning archaeology, but the increasing need for mining larger quantities of lignite creates problems for the digs, given that the rate of growth of technology and energy needs is speedier than the archaeological research, according to archaeologist George Karamitrou-Mentesidi.

Source: Athens News Agency (26 March 2007)

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