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8 April 2007
Carpow long-boat exhibition opens

A colourful and interesting exhibition of photographs about the now famous Carpow log-boat has opened at the Laing Museum in Newburgh (Fife, Scotland). At around 3000 years old, the log-boat dates from the late Bronze Age and is the second oldest vessel of its type to be found in Scotland. It was discovered in 2001 and recovered from the bed of the River Tay last year.
     The photographs follow the boat from its discovery in the Tay through the long process of recovery to its eventual arrival in Newburgh, where it was met by a BBC film crew. The log-boat is currently undergoing extensive conservation work at the National Museums of Scotland and the exhibition offers the opportunity to find out about its progress to date. The exhibition also contains a number of interesting archaeological finds from the Bronze Age period as well as a selection of objects found in the Newburgh area during excavations or by metal detectorists. Objects on display include flint arrowheads, stone axeheads, pottery food vessels, funeral urns, brooches and seals.
     The exhibition has been put together in conjunction with Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and runs until September 30, from noon-5 p.m. daily.

Source: Fife Today (6 April 2007)

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