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16 April 2007
3000-year-old Iranian cemetery to be excavated

By improving of climatic conditions in mountainous regions of Iranian Lorestan province, archeologists are determined to resume their excavations in Babajilan 3000-year-old cemetery, located in this province. Illegal excavation has already posed real harm to this site.
     "Since a large destruction have been posed to Babajilan historical cemetery due to activities of illegal diggers, an archeology team has been dispatched to the area by getting the approval of Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO). However due to inappropriate climatic condition of the area and heavy rains and snows in the mountainous regions of Lorestan province, the excavations were wrapped up incomplete to be picked up later. During previous excavations archeologists succeeded in gathering some historical relics which were remained from plunders in the area," said Ata Hassanpour, archeologist of Lorestanís Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department.
     Location of Babijilan in a mountainous region in Lorestan province has made the accessibility to this historical cemetery very difficult, which is why preservation of this cemetery against possible damages caused by illegal diggers is so difficult. According to Hassanpour, the archeology team hopes to rescue the remains of historical relics which have been survived. "Bronze daggers, jars and earthen relics were among the objects which have been gathered in this historic site", added Hassanpour.

Source: CHN (9 April 2007)

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