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29 April 2007
Bronze Age life by airport runway

Archaeologists have published findings of an important Bronze Age settlement at Manchester Airport (England). The dig uncovered Early Bronze Age artefacts at Oversley Farm in Styal. The finds - which include flint arrowheads, pottery and tools - will go on display at Chester Museum. Experts at the dig said they had made a 'significant discovery' about pre-historic life in Cheshire.
     The site is the first excavated example of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age life in the county and the details have been published in a report by archaeologist Dan Garner. Speaking about the finds, Mr Garner said: "The building of the second runway at Manchester Airport created a unique opportunity to excavate a 3km long corridor. We made some exciting finds such as Bronze Age pottery, a tanged flint arrowhead and other tools and, of course, the footprint of the farmstead."
     The artefacts have been radiocarbon dated to confirm their authenticity.
Manchester Airport supported the archaeological investigations as part of a 17m package of environmental works. The report is available from British Archaeological Reports (B.A.R).

Source: BBC News (25 April 2007)

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