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29 April 2007
Stone Age remains unearthed in Sweden

Archaeologists in Gothenburg (Sweden) have found the remains of an early Stone Age house. The discovery was made on a building site in the Kallebäck area of the city. Residents of the new apartments being built in the area will be living on a site inhabited 10,000 years ago.
     Kallebäck now lies about 5 kilometres from the open sea, but in the stone age the area was a headland jutting out into the sea. "They most probably fished, and would certainly have hunted for seal. This was right at the end of a headland, and this means that there was access to animals for hunting," said archaeologist Ulf Ragnesten.
     The discovery is the first of its kind in the region: people first came to the area around 12,000 years ago. The site has also yielded comparatively recent archaeological finds, with Iron Age remains from between 600 BCE to 1 CE. Among the discoveries are cooking holes, grates, an arrowhead, axes and postholes.

Source: The Local (26 April 2007)

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