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7 May 2007
Ancient burial site found in Kentucky

A burial site with the remains of at least 33 American Indians who probably lived around 3000 BCE has been unearthed at a construction site near Towhead Island (Kentucky, USA). The remains, including three or four skulls with partly disintegrated skeletons, will be reburied at an appropriate site to be determined by the Army Corps of Engineers in consultation with representatives of three tribes. The discovery was not surprising, according to the corps or AMEC Earth & Environmental, a group with expertise in archaeological excavation under contract to the developer. "It was about what we expected to find," said Hank McKelway, an anthropologist and AMEC's lead resources manager at RiverPark Place.
     Based on earlier work on this site, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Poe Cos. and the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation, the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians and the Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma entered into an agreement on the handling of any remains found at the site. Army Corps spokesman Bob Faletti said the agreement restricts what can be said about what's found and also prohibits any photographs of any excavation. McKelway said that in addition to the human remains, a few primitive artifacts, including arrowheads, stone chips and pieces of what may have been tools, have been uncovered. They will probably be sent to the University of Kentucky or the University of Louisville for analysis and storage, officials said.

Source: The Courier-Journal (25 April 2007)

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