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20 May 2007
Prehistoric Iranian site discovered

Archeologists have succeeded in discovering a prehistoric site in the vicinity of Galabar reservoir in Zanjan province (Iran) behind the Galabar dam, which has already been flooded. "We started an emergency excavation in an attempt to rescue historical evidence before they are submerged forever. During the very first days of excavations behind the dam we succeeded in identifying a prehistoric site belonging to Copper and Stone Ages, said Abolfazl Aali, head of excavation team behind Galabar Dam.
     The inundation of Galabar dam has been already started without getting the approval of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department of Zanjan province. This is while the authorities of the dam were already informed about the possibility of existence of historical sites behind the dam. The discovered prehistoric site will be submerged completely when the reservoir of the dam is filled up. According to Aali, some negotiations have been made with authorities of the dam to reduce the speed of flooding of the dam in an attempt to save historical sites behind the dam.

Source: CHN (16 May 2007)

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