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27 May 2007
Ancient Welsh standing stone needs repairs

An ancient Welsh stone that has stood as a warning to against bad behavior for centuries is in need of repair to ensure its survival. The large prehistoric standing stone at Bedd Morris, on the Newport to Cwm Gwaun mountain road, has become unstable after years of been shaken by the elements and passing lorries. It is though that highwayman Morris, who lived in a Carn Ingli cave, gave the stone its name after he was ambushed by locals and hanged on roadside, and the stone was put at this spot as a reminder to others.
     A National Park spokesperson said: "The prehistoric standing stone is a Scheduled Ancient Monument is an important local landscape marker and we do not want it to be lost. Cadw has approved a plan to make the stone secure by supporting and re-turfing the base. Care will be taken to avoid archaeological damage." The work is scheduled to be carried out in the next few weeks.

Source: Tivy-Side Advertiser (24 May 2007)

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