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3 June 2007
Bronze Age finds in Cornwall

Archaeologists working on the site of the A38 Dobwalls bypass in Cornwall (England) have uncovered finds from the early Bronze Age dating back almost 4,000 years. Initial investigation carried out on behalf of the Highways Agency by AC archaeology, includes excavations which take place before the main work starts in addition to observation of the removal of topsoil at the start of the scheme. Fragments of early Bronze Age pottery have been recovered from beneath a small mound of stones discovered during archaeological investigations near Looe Mills. Other items including prehistoric worked flint tools and waste flakes have also been found.
     John Hawkes, of AC archaeology, said: "These discoveries are interesting because they occur in an area where prehistoric finds have not previously been recorded." The pottery fragments have been taken to AC Archaeology's offices in Wiltshire where they will be assessed and analysed, along with any other finds at the site. The results of the analysis will be published in Cornwall's archaeological records after the end of the bypass work in September 2008. Archaeologists will continue to monitor the construction works throughout the scheme.

Sources: BBC News, This is the West Country (1 June 2007)

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