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9 July 2007
5000-year-old decoration unearthed in Bulgaria

A team of archaeologist of Bulgaria's National Historical Museum unearthed a 5000-year-old golden architectural ornamentation near the village of Dabene.  While carrying out excavations of small prehistoric moulds, archaeologist Martin Hristov also discovered well-preserved wall ornamentation details in the form of spirals, which are made of tubules of pure gold. Those spirals are unique artifacts compared to all prehistoric ones found in Bulgaria until now.  
     In the middle of the mound Hristov unearthed eight different pottery objects, hidden in a hole and covered with stones. The excavations continue and the archaeologists strongly believe they will find many other interesting objects that will provide them with information for the people who inhabited these lands in the ancient times. The findings show that the population of these lands was well ahead in the civilization process and used precise and sophisticated technologies in the production of objects, especially golden ones. The mines and the production center of objects of gold and their processing may have been located just next to the Dabene village.

Source: Novinite (2 July 2007)

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