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9 July 2007
Thornborough Music Festival

The largest gathering of bands ever held in Yorkshire (England) is set to draw the crouds to Thornborough Music Festival in Grewelthorpe next weekend. The three day festival from 13 - 15th July will feature more than 80 bands from all genres and is the largest gathering of its type seen in Yorkshire.
     There will be four stages, including the "Sonic Henge" stage, which is the UKs first three dimensional festival performance space; bands play on a circular stage surrounded by 26 seperate speaker systems. But festival organiser Matty Jacobs is keen to remind festival goers of the main motivation behind the festival: "A huge number of the bands feel that Thornborough Henges have been poorly treated by North Yorkshire County Council, and while we have our festival to revere Thornboroughs famous ancient monument complex, North Yorkshires mineral planners are agreeing to make the area a Preferred Area for Quarrying" Said festival organiser Matty Jacobs. "We are gathering to celebrate the firm links between the music of our county and its heritage, it would be nice to see council members here too, to share our joy, but we have seen that Yorkshires heritage and the feelings of its people seem to have little value to our council."
     Campaign group TimeWatch will be attending the festival, and will be showing various campaign videos in the festival's "Global Awareness Cinema" located in a reconstructed Iron Age Roundhouse on the festival site. "We hope that this year even more people come to understand Thornborough, get inspired to visit and to try to protect the site" Said TimeWatch Chairman George Chaplin.
     For more details of Thornborough Festival, visit www.thornborough.org, tickets can either be bought online or at shops throughout the region. More details of Thornborough Henges can be found at  www.timewatch.org.

Source: Henge Warriors press release (6 July 2007)

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