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22 July 2007
Iron Age cemetery unearthed in Iran

Archeological excavations behind Kalpush Dam in Semnan province (Iran) led into discovery of a unique cemetery dating back to Iron Age (1350 to 550 BCE) with earthen graves. "The Iron Age cemetery in which archeologists have recently started their excavations is considered a part of Amir Shalough hill. We have not yet opened the graves to examine their burial gifts and skeletons," said Mahnaz Sharifi, head of excavation team behind Kalpoush dam in Semnan province.
     According to Sharifi, what has made this cemetery distinguished is the unique architectural style which was implemented in it. In the graves of this Iron Age cemetery, rectangle clay layers were used in a cross model, a method which was seldom practiced in the architecture of Iron Age graves in which most often stones were used.
     Six historical hills belonging to Iron Age and Islamic periods have been identified so far during archeological researches in the area of Semnan plain. Sounding works in one of these historical sites resulted in unearthing a skeleton belonging to the Iron Age, which brought into light the existence of an ancient cemetery in the area.
     Located in Semnan plain, Amir Shalogh hill will be submerged by inundation of Kalpoush Dam, which is why archeologists have started their excavations in the area in an attempt to save the historical evidence which exists there.

Source: Payvand (18 July 2007)

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