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30 July 2007
Another 5000-year-old inscription discovered in Iran

The second ancient inscription which was carved on rock in Kaftarlou hill have been discovered in Akhtarabad region in Shahriyar plain located in Iranian western province of Kordestan. Due to the similarity of this writing with those previously found in Susa clay stamps and Jiroft’s inscription, experts estimate that this newly discovered geometrical inscription must have dated back to at least 5000 years ago.
       Regarding the antiquity of this inscription, Reza Moradi Ghiasabadi, archaeologist and researcher, assrted: "Based on the signs implemented in creating this geometrical writing and its similarity to Susa stamps, it is believed that it must have belonged to 4200 to 4500 years ago. On the other hand, due to the rate of oxidization, we give the possibility that the inscription must have been more ancient." Ghiasabadi added: "This inscription closely resembles those ones previously discovered in Konar Sandal Hill in Jiroft historic site which date back to the 3rd millennium BCE. However, since the writing discovered in Konar Sandal is somehow more developed than this newly discovered one, we give the possibility that Kaftarlou inscription must have been more ancient with 5500 years antiquity."
     Unfortunately most parts of the inscription have been severely damaged over time and a total of 10 signs which are not even in a correct order have been identified. That is why archaeologists have faced a real problem for documenting and decoding this ancient inscription. "Designs of animals such as goat, boar, camel, and hunting scenes can be also seen next to this inscription,” said Ghiasabadi.
Source: CAIS (27 July 2007)

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