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30 July 2007
Hill of Tara protest CD launched

Hothouse Flowers frontman Liam O Maonlai has released a song to rally campaigners opposed to the controversial M3 motorway route around the Hill of Tara (Ireland). The musician has turned to the genre of the protest song to attack Celtic Tiger Ireland's relationship with its heritage. In Tara's Eye (Money Mad Mile) the Dubliner who has steeped himself in the Gaelic tradition attacks construction companies and politicians linked to the contentious Co Meath motorway.
     The song, available free over the internet, was released at a press briefing by pressure group TaraWatch who vowed to turn the heat up on Green Party Environment Minister John Gormley to re-route the road. Mr Gormley has always insisted that he has no legal powers to reverse decisions taken by his predecessor Dick Roche or move the motorway away from the Tara Valley. TaraWatch spokesman Vincent Salafia said the new song would boost the morale of campaigners as they continue to fight to save national monuments and archaeological finds uncovered during works. "This song really captures the essence of what we are fighting for, and against."
     While the song is available free on the myspace.com website there are plans to release higher quality recordings on iTunes to raise money for the campaign.

Sources: Evening Echo (27 July 2007), U.tv (29 July 2007)

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