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30 July 2007
Ancient Sami village unearthed in Norway

Archaologists have uncovered what they believe to be the remnants of a large 2000-year old Sami town near Tana on the border between Finland and Norway. So far, more than 50 foundations, mostly of turf huts, have been located on the site, which is located on both sides of Higway E-6.
     Archaeologist Joern Henriksen of the University in Tromsoe says the find is unique, and believes more discoveries are waiting to be uncovered. More than 300 cultural artifacts have been found, and the oldest is a stone axe, which dates back to around 3000 BCE. In addition to the foundations, they have also found traces of deep ditches used to trap wild reindeer. They have earlier found the remnants of a hollowed-out river boat. The settlement was ideally placed, near the river full of fish, and close to the highland plateau where the reindeer roamed.

Source: The Norway Post (28 July 2007)

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